– Even after having landed on this rock over 5 decades ago, to this day I still struggle to recognise and understand the world and reality I find myself in.

– What a strange world it is where the most aggressive, vain and self obsessed creatures on the planet, are also considered to be the most intelligent and distinguished.

– I’ve been swerving all responsibilities – and authorities – most of my earthbound life. I would describe myself as a kind of socially corrupted, culturally subverted, interplanetary Peter Pan.

– After clubbing myself to death in and around North London from ’88 – ’96, I’ve spent the last two decades recovering from varying degrees of social anxiety, heavy bouts of clinical depression and mild insomnia. All of my mental health conditions pre-existed long before those glorious days of my misspent youth, in one form or another, but the longterm heavy use of amphetamines and hallucinogens in those younger years has seriously exacerbated each condition considerably.

– The purpose of this data is to give myself a creative outlet, in the hope of freeing my alien mind from the velvet rut of contentment that it currently resides within, and maybe in the process push myself to confront the myriad of demons that have stalked me since my arrival on this Earth.

– THERAPY, in other words.

– It will never be my intention to offend, insult, or hurt any other soul…
…. but due to very mild autism, I am not the greatest of communicators, and I apologise fully, and in advance, for any distress that might arise due to comments or subject matter created by me.

– “Society serves only the rich and the wretched.” –

– all material : corrosiveabuser
[All rights to material on this blog are reserved by the author/artist]











4 thoughts on “About

    • Yeah I’m really 44, but don’t be taken in by the images, it’s all just smoke and mirrors, if you know what I mean? – But I can assure you every word is true.

      Many thanks anyway, and I hope you are feeling well today.

      Tc, E


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