Alien ways


Dreaming again in alien ways
To escape once more, this unmindful haze
These humans are toxic, vain, self obsessed
Religion, debt and war, the seeds of their distress

Cultures clash because of colour, faith and superstition
Powerful rulers use this conflict, planning covert missions
Behind the sub-machine guns, these privileged govern state
Born with wealth and status just to seal the poor mans fate

Pre-selected behind closed doors, these rulers rub their palms
As they sell another shipment, of tear gas, bombs and arms
Soulless, heartless creatures, like one of Ickes reptilians
Another cold-blooded human, makes its first of many millions

Royal propaganda, “Another prince joins the forces!”
While the children of the subservient die in deserts for resources
How easily they take up arms to fight these pointless battles
Shuffled into foreign lands, like exporting condemned cattle

Money talks, the people listen, blinded by their greed
Brainwashed into buying, all that they don’t need
They communicate across the globe, but no one feels connected
It’s a shame their minds are sanitised, their souls now disinfected

They should turn off their TVs, radios and phones
Regurgitating nonsense spouted by corporate media clones
These specimens have failed, to see the god within
On an exponential, curve of destruction…. no one’s gonna win



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