Digital Prostitutes


No longer any substance in the things that people say
So vain and self important, deluded all the way
Using current trends to sell products for the suits
All are quite happy to become digital prostitutes

Subscribe, follow, like, share
Honestly, really, they just don’t care
See it’s all about money, via Adwords and rights
They couldn’t give a fuck about the content on their sites

Narcissism rules the web, be it YouTube or twitter
As mankind grabs technology, and shoves it up its shitter
Dumbing down society with banal video blogs
Binary fat collects around the mind until it clogs

So as the human race devolves into a sea of novelty trite
Are you gonna tolerate this mess or decide to stand and fight
Don’t sell out to this binary code, just to get a cut
Can’t they see they’re just becoming another corporate slut


Major male function


Afraid to show their feminine side
men will spit fight and fuck just in order to hide,
the spark in their essence that allows them to cry,
show empathy and compassion
without having to lie…


As malignant male-ego malfunctions once more
and malevolent man scars the earth with his war,
pause for awhile, for all the innocence lost,
while governments launch missiles
and adjust budgets for the cost…