just someone?


Unable to connect,
From reality unattached
Asexual by design,
With no one will I match
For many years I taunt myself,
Caught inside this view
But someone had to be just me,
I’m just glad it wasn’t you


Lost inside,
All hollowed out,
Thoughts crackle ’round this head and shout,
– “You just got too wasted, 24/7!”
– “Now you’re stuck in a hell, that could’ve been heaven……”





Society is cold,
Abrupt and inhumane
As individuals run amok,
Playing childish grown-up games
Reaching for the wealthy heights,
Of glass and ivory towers
These vacuous suits of parasites,
Reel corrupted by their power

The Wall Street devils revel,
In their thoughts of future wars
Another nation levelled,
Another obvious truth ignored
Heartless governments collude,
With their unregulated banks
Take the poor mans money,
Produce more armour-plated tanks

TV’s spit out propaganda,
The talking heads get paid
To rationalise the evil,
On which massive profits made
The truth no longer matters,
There’s no sense of right or wrong
Just braindead, brainwashed masses,
Unaware of freedoms gone…





Shy, sensitive,
Emotional, honest,
Gifts from a mother,
Retained like a promise
But disdained by the others,
And used as my weaknesses
Just to draw all eyes away,
From their own idiosyncrasies



burnt out



Overwhelmed, imprisoned,
Stilted by ones thoughts
Snared and unspontaneous
In Hell now one is caught
Beating back perpetual doubts,
Ever only self-imposed
Lying burnt-out in this vapid rut,
Anxiety overflows…

still fragile



Pulse racing to get home,
Escape the social helter-skelter
Close the door on chaos,
Solitude my only shelter
But what lies inside these walls,
Cannot truly flee ones foes
One look within it’s obvious,
… Sole creator of my woes

Angels are real


They walk among us
Don’t have wings
No feathers in the air
Too humble to sing
They’re real flesh and blood
Not heavenly creatures
Soft human faces
Bright eyes are their features

They don’t blow trumpets
Or pluck at strings
Just gently reach out
With the strength that they bring
Feet firmly placed
Right here on the ground
Here on the Earth
Real angels are found


Inspiration ~ Jean Ann

mother ~ angel ~ friend

Alien ways


Dreaming again in alien ways
To escape once more, this unmindful haze
These humans are toxic, vain, self obsessed
Religion, debt and war, the seeds of their distress

Cultures clash because of colour, faith and superstition
Powerful rulers use this conflict, planning covert missions
Behind the sub-machine guns, these privileged govern state
Born with wealth and status just to seal the poor mans fate

Pre-selected behind closed doors, these rulers rub their palms
As they sell another shipment, of tear gas, bombs and arms
Soulless, heartless creatures, like one of Ickes reptilians
Another cold-blooded human, makes its first of many millions

Royal propaganda, “Another prince joins the forces!”
While the children of the subservient die in deserts for resources
How easily they take up arms to fight these pointless battles
Shuffled into foreign lands, like exporting condemned cattle

Money talks, the people listen, blinded by their greed
Brainwashed into buying, all that they don’t need
They communicate across the globe, but no one feels connected
It’s a shame their minds are sanitised, their souls now disinfected

They should turn off their TVs, radios and phones
Regurgitating nonsense spouted by corporate media clones
These specimens have failed, to see the god within
On an exponential, curve of destruction…. no one’s gonna win