The smile of an introvert, misunderstood
Tongue blunted by shyness, would speak if I could
Too quiet to explain, I avoid their coterie
But still those vicious words infect my thoughts with their disease


4 thoughts on “misunderstood

    • So happy you’re still here, I’m genuinely delighted. After all this time I was hoping that you, more than anyone else, would still be posting. And, I’m so glad you commented, I was going to check if your blog was still active, I’ve just never been one for making the first move in any kind of situation, don’t like to impose on others, all that shit, I feel you know what I mean.
      – Anyway, I’ve just started following you again, – don’t know what happened there, my iPad app. is always unfollowing blogs when I use the wordpress reader, – and I’ll be over in the next few days to see how things are with you, and I really do hope that life has been going well for you and your world, but hey, if not, I’m still going to be around.

      -Much Love, E

      • E, I am still here. I haven’t been very active as far as blogging, myself… there’s just been so much else going on! Things are fairly good. I am just trying to keep on an even keel I guess, you know.
        I would love to see new posts by you. And I’ll try to get some out myself soon.

      • Hey, no pressure.
        – Personally, I’ve made much progress over the last two years, in my own small ways, I still feel like I’m alien to most people, and to myself much of the time, but everyday I accept myself just a little bit more. I guess it doesn’t matter how long the road is, or how slow we walk it, just as long as we keep moving, you know, never becoming static in time or space… ❤


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